If you are interested in getting tattooed:

  • Please fill out the form below.
  • Please read through the policies/info tab to understand the process and/or answer questions. 

Please allow about 2-15 days for response; I work independently and do my best to respond as soon as possible. Everyone is responded to in chronological order of submission; patience is greatly appreciated. 

I no longer take on smaller scale pieces, coverups, and restorations. This gives time to focus on pieces of which are in the artistic direction I am passionate about. I enjoy doing mid-large scale pieces in an illustrated, watercolor, neo-traditional, or realistic style (or a mix of these styles). Thank you for understanding. 

Quick questions or concerns? You can email lindsayraecarter@gmail.com, but allow 2-15 days for response. Once again, please read through the policies/info tab before emailing, it may answer some questions you may have. 

Thank you all so, so, very much for your support. I appreciate you!

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What days/time within a Wednesday-Saturday are you available? If you have a preferred month or date you'd like to request for please include that at this time, along with your weekly availability in case your request is not feasible or available. Otherwise the soonest available time within your availability will be proposed to you.
Details About Your Tattoo
If you are open to Lindsay's custom interpretation / you have no preference please put N/A in the appropriate section below.
Please include info on the subject matter you're wanting and BE AS SPECIFIC AS YOU'D LIKE. (Ex: A red-tailed hawk perched on a pine tree limb with pine cones incorporated, etc.)
Approximately how large are you wanting your tattoo and where do you want to place it on your body? (ex: 7"x7", full sleeve, half sleeve, inner bicep, front of thigh, etc.)
Style refers to the design type (ex: realistic, illustrative, watercolor, traditional, etc.). Would you like your piece in color or black and grey? If color, what color combo would you prefer? remember to be as specific as desired (EX: The peonies should be light pink with dark forest green leaves, etc.)
Feel free to enter any other info that may be important to your tattoo. If you have any questions please enter them here as well.
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Check either box below if you will be sending any appropriate reference photos to Lindsay's email: lindsayraecarter@gmail.com If you have previously sent photos to her email, just check the yes box and she will search for your already attached documents so you don't have to re-send them. (FOR NEW PHOTOS PLEASE USE YOUR FULL NAME IN THE EMAIL'S SUBJECT LINE)

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