Currently not taking on any restorations, cover-ups, smaller scale pieces, and will not work over another artist's work.

Contact / Appointment info is described on the "CONTACT/APPOINTMENT" tab at the top of this website. Tune into Facebook or Instagram for cancellations/ slot openings.

Deposits are required to book an appointment and are a down payment for your tattoo; they go towards the cost of your tattoo. They are non-refundable and hold your appointment. Cancellations may risk the deposit, see cancellation policy below. Deposits are currently $200.00. 

 I will absolutely work with you to create your ideal tattoo; I want you to love your art piece and am open to your critiques. Any appropriate changes to the design are included in the deposit placed. If the design needs to be entirely reworked or you change your mind on subject matter, style, etc. , it may result in paying a fee for time spent re-drawing. Seeing your mock up design ahead of time is surely understandable, however, I do draw very close to the appointment date. Please keep in mind that you're likely to see your design only a day before your appointment, or sometimes the day of. To see a mock up of design anytime before then can be discussed, but is not promised. 

30+ minutes late with no contact is considered a no show and your deposit will not be refundable. Try your best to contact beforehand if you will be late. Contact by email, or voicemail at (541)-223-1753 (please do not reach this number If it doesn't pertain to lateness).

A 48 hour notice is appreciated to reschedule your appointment and keep your deposit. Please notify via email ( or by voicemail at (541)-223-1753 (please do not reach this number If it doesn't pertain to a cancellation). If proper notice is given, you can reschedule your appointment and your deposit will still go towards the cost of your tattoo. You can reschedule up to two times to keep your deposit. If a third reschedule is made your deposit will not be refundable and your will have to place a $50 fee to reschedule again. If you cancel an appointment and do not reschedule, your deposit is not refundable.

$200/hr with a 2 hour minimum.  

Opal Ink has seating to accompany your guests. As of right now it's asked that you do not bring more than one-two people to your appointment.

I use disposable and sterile tubes and needles from reputable manufacturers. All of the inks, antiseptics, and salves are usually all natural, and are always vegan. Everything used in the procedure is one-time use/disposable. You are assured to have a sanitary experience. The products used are suitable for sensitive skin types, however please notify me of any uncommon allergy concerns you may have beforehand. I can accommodate to you and get alternative options. 


If you have any requests or questions under any of these terms feel free to contact me at 

All of the artists at the Opal studio are welcoming of everyone and anyone, so long as they are respectful. Our clients, more often than not, usually mirror this. If someone outwardly does not, we will not tolerate them in the studio for the safety and consideration of others and ourselves. The environment is open, and you will potentially be in close proximity to other artist's clients. The studio strives to be an inviting, comforting, and a positive environment. It's not an everyday situation, but sometimes clothing will need to be removed for certain tattoo placements, or someone may be minimally covered in the studio. If you are getting a piece in an area you may be uncomfortable exposing, please keep mind of the open floor plan at our studio. We have a screen protector we can use for your comfort, but you will not be in complete privacy. If you feel uneasy about this, feel free to email me with your concerns, and I can do my best to advise what type of clothing or approach may work well for you. With this said, if you are uncomfortable or may not be respectful when seeing other people potentially nude or minimally clothed, this may not be the best studio pick for you.